Marketing Concentration

Gain integrative, practical experience in the field of marketing. You’ll be trained to evaluate and interpret the research used in marketing decision making. And you’ll be exposed to the major topic areas in marketing beyond the core classes.

Sample job titles:

  • marketing director
  • sales manager
  • market research analyst
  • purchasing agent
  • public relations manager
  • account executive


Include the concentration on your Application for Advanced Degree form, which must be submitted during the last semester of the MBA program.

The MBA requires 18 credits of electives, of which a concentration is nine. In addition to the required courses below, choose three more electives (9 credits) that include an experiential elective, an international elective and one course not offered by nor geared towards your selected concentration. Choose electives that enhance your understanding of other topics related to your career goals.

Courses (9 credits)

BUAD 881 Research Methods for Marketing Decisions

Focuses on the techniques of research design, data collection, and data analysis for making marketing decisions. Helps students develop an appreciation for the potential contributions and limitations of marketing research data, enabling them to evaluate marketing research activities. Emphasizes interpretation, not computation, from statistical analyses. Prerequisites: BUAD 820 and BUAD 880.

Concentration Elective: Choose one

BUAD 882 International Marketing Management (fulfills International Requirement)

Develops managerial decision-making skills in several areas related to international/global marketing such as environmental analysis, planning/organization, marketing research, segmentation, targeting and positioning/competitive analysis, and method of entry. Prerequisite: BUAD 880.

BUAD 883 Product and Price Management

Integrates topics in product management and pricing strategy. Special emphasis is given to the use of conceptual frameworks and analytical methods that may be used to improve product and price decisions. The concepts and methods are applied to real-world case studies. Prerequisite: BUAD 880.

BUAD 884 Special Topics in Marketing

Examines selected current marketing topics: e.g., strategy development, opportunity assessment, modeling and marketing programming. Individual inquiry is stressed.

BUAD 885 Marketing Channels

Analyzes marketing channels as social, economic and political systems. Strong emphasis placed on understanding the behavioral dimension of the channel relationship after focusing on the economic and structural aspects of retailing, wholesaling, and physical distribution. Governmental and other constraints on channel activities are also studied. Prerequisite: BUAD 880.

BUAD 886 Advertising Strategy

For those with little or no prior experience in advertising. Intended to improve students' skills with respect to determining advertising strategy. Features a mixture of lecture, case study analysis, class discussion, and team development and presentation of an entire advertising campaign. Prerequisite: BUAD 880.

BUAD 887 Buyer Behavior

Applied concepts from the social sciences to study factors that influence the acquisition, consumption and disposition of products, services, and ideas. Covers: 1) buyer decision processes; 2) influences on consumer decisions and consumption patterns; and 3) the relationship between buying behavior and strategic decision making. Prerequisite: BUAD 880.

BUAD 889 Industrial Marketing

Studies the marketing of goods and services to businesses, institutions, and the government. Covers organizational buying behavior, product/market planning, sales force and distribution management, pricing and promotion from the perspective of both the buyer and the seller. Prerequisite: BUAD 880.

BUAD 899 Business Consulting Project (with focus on Marketing-related issue)

Designed to assist students gain an integrative, practical and applied industry experience by solving a real life industry problem in a group setting. Projects may be set up in different functional areas and/or concentrations, e.g., New Venture Creation, Marketing, Interdisciplinary Projects, etc. MBA advanced elective to be taken after completing the core and required courses.

BUAD 866 Independent Study

(3-6 credits). Suitable for the Marketing concentration when focused on a Marketing-related topic.

Integrative/capstone Course: Choose one

BUAD 892 Experiences in Strategic Integration for Top Managers

Develop strategic and decision making skills from the perspective of senior management running an organization. The course is designed to help future managers integrate concerns from multiple functions, including finance, marketing, and operations, in addressing complex problems in an uncertain environment. The emphasis is on experiential learning through actual and simulated cases. Prerequisites: FINC 850, BUAD 831, BUAD 870, BUAD 880.

BUAD 888 Advanced Marketing Management and Strategy Seminar

Focuses on the issues faced by senior and middle level marketing executives in an organization. Emphasizes developing a comprehensive marketing strategy that is consistent with corporate plans. Issues explored include: opportunity assessment and competitive analysis, segmentation and positioning, and the development of integrated marketing mix programs. Prerequisite: BUAD 880.

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