Information Technology Concentration

Concentration Requirements
The IT concentration is designed to give MBA students a series of courses that provide context for working in the IT field and/or update IT knowledge in those who already have an IT background.  The program is a unique blend of core business courses, computerized information systems courses, and business-oriented information systems courses. The basic task of the information systems (IS) manager is to meet the information needs of an organization (record keeping, sales, production, or planning) through the effective management of computer programmers and analysts who run the systems. The IS Manager understands the business functions (accounting, marketing, finance, operations, strategic planning) as well as technology and the programs available for solving particular problems. Managers in this field must be comfortable with technology and working with people to accomplish the goals of the firm. For further information, contact Clinton White, MBA, DBA (Indiana), Professor and MIS Area Head, at 831-2961 (offices are in Purnell Hall).  

Sample Job Titles in the area of Management, Business and Financial Operations:
*business systems analyst *data entry & retrieval systems manager
*business systems project manager *hardware marketer
*network administrator *computer & information systems manager
*communications network designer *information center consultant
*database analyst *management information systems professional (systems analysts; systems programmers; application programmers)

Check the Dictionary of Occupational Titles under section 030 for additional related careers.

Enhancing Employability -
Participate in Internships, Field Experience Placements and Alumni Mentor Network.

Some Employers of MBA Grads with an Information Technology concentration
Accenture Deloitte and Touche Ernst and Young KPMG Target Vanguard

Other Sources of Information
Vault Online Career Library (provides extensive information about careers and companies/organizations; log in via Blue Hen Jobs) American Society for Information Science (ASIS) Association of Independent Information Professionals (AIIP) Association of Records Managers & Administrators, Inc. Association for Systems Management (ASM) Association for Women in Computing (AWC) Computerworld Careers Institute for the Certification of Computer Professionals Institute for Operations Research &The Management Sciences International Webmasters Association Internet Society Jobs for Software Developers & IT Professionals The Riley Guide  

Resources for Finding Employment
Found at the Career Services Center's Career Library (first floor):

  • Blue Hen Jobs-- Internships, Part-time, Summer, and Full-time Jobs -- All in one place
  • Computer Science Resumes & Job Finding Guide (CS 56)
  • Expert Resumes for Computer and Web Jobs (CS 56.5)
  • The Guide to Internet Job Searching (CS 280)
  • Career X Roads (CS 282)
  • America's Top Internet Job Sites (CS 283)
  • Cyberspace Job Search Kit (CS 285)
  • The Best Computer Jobs in America: Twenty Minutes From Home (CSD 340)
  • Internet Jobs! (CSE 498)
  • Careers in Focus - Computer & Video Game Design (CSE 499)
  • Information Technology Careers (CSE 500)
  • Opportunities in Computer Careers (CSE 501)
  • Careers in Computers (CSE 502)
  • Careers for Computer Buffs & Other Technological Types (CSE 503)
  • Career Opportunities in Computers and Cyberspace (CSE 504)
  • Great Jobs for Computer Science Majors (CSE 505)
  • Careers for Cybersurfers& Other Online Types(CSE 506)
  • Making Money in Cyberspace (CSE 507)
  • Careers in Focus - Internet (CSE 510)
  • Careers in Focus - Computers (CSE 520)
  • Computer Job Survival Guide (CSE 522)
  • Careers in Computer Animation (CSE 523)
  • Graduate Programs in Engineering & Applied Sciences (GS 035)
  • The Top 100: The Fastest Growing Careers for the 21st Century (GE 49)
  • The Best Jobs for the 21st Century (GE 65)
  • CSC's Internet Resources

 Concentration Requirements & Electives Students who started their MBAs prior to Fall 2010 should select four of the following courses; those who began in Fall 2010 or more recently (or who are following the EDGE curriculum) will choose three of the following electives. Other courses will be considered with prior approval. The purpose of the Information Technology (IT) concentration is to provide students with the tools and perspectives needed to use information technology as an effective business tool. The IT concentration gives you the ability to help business people make better technical decisions and technical people make better business decisions. You are encouraged, but not required,to have an understanding of the programming process using an object-oriented language (Visual Basic, JavaScript, C++, or Java). Students who started their MBAs prior to Fall 2010 should select four of the following courses (ACCT 804, ACCT 806 + two others); those who began in Fall 2010 or more recently (or who are following the EDGE curriculum) will choose one elective in addition to ACCT 804 & ACCT 806. Other courses will be considered with prior approval.  

Required Classes

ACCT 804 Database Design, Networks & Implementation
ACCT 806 Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation

Electives (one or two courses – see note above)

ACCT 805 Current Issues in Management Information Systems
ACCT 817 Information Technologies Audit
BUAD 884 Electronic Commerce
MISY 830 Decision Support & Analysis
MISY 840 Project Management and Costing
MISY 850 Security and Control (fulfills International Requirement)
MISY 873 Information Technology and Organizational Effectiveness
MISY 899 Business Consulting Project (when project is IT related)
ACCT 866 Independent Study (3-6 credits; when focused on IT-related topic)

Any classes from the M.S. Information System & Technology Management Program will work, as well as some graduate level courses from the Department of Computer Science, with prior approval from Dr. White and/or Amy Estey.

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