Information Technology Concentration

The IT MBA concentration is a series of courses that provide context for working in the IT field or updates IT knowledge for those who already have an IT background. This program is a unique blend of core business courses, computerized information systems courses and business-oriented information systems courses.

Managers in this field must be comfortable both with technology and working with people to accomplish business goals. The effective IS manager understands business functions as well as technology and the programs available for solving particular problems.

For further information, contact Clinton White, MBA, D.B.A. (Indiana), Professor and MIS Area Head, at 302-831-2961 (offices are in Purnell Hall).

Management, business & financial operations jobs:

  • Business systems analyst
  • Business systems project manager
  • Network administrator
  • Data entry and retrieval systems manager
  • Communications network designer
  • Application or system programmer
  • Hardware marketer


You are encouraged, but not required, to have an understanding of the programming process using an object-oriented language (Visual Basic, JavaScript, C++, or Java).

Include the concentration on your Application for Advanced Degree form, which must be submitted during the last semester of the MBA program.

The MBA requires 18 credits of electives, of which a concentration is nine. In addition to the required courses below, choose three more electives (9 credits) that include an experiential elective, an international elective and one course not offered by nor geared towards your selected concentration. Choose electives that enhance your understanding of other topics related to your career goals.

Courses (9 credits)

ACCT 804: Database Design, Networks and Implementation

Covers the design and implementation of enterprise databases in a business environment. Special consideration will be placed on issues related to systems in a networked setting, including current topics related to the management and implementation of databases in such systems. Open to business and accounting graduate students only.

ACCT 806: Systems Analysis, Design & Implementation

Explores the management, organizational and technical challenges of developing systems. Analyzes business processes within a data-driven development methodology. Students will elicit requirements, weigh alternatives and design and implement solutions. Data, process and object modeling will be covered. Open to Master Students in Information Systems & Technology Management, Accounting, and MBA majors with a concentration in Information Technology. Prerequisite: ACCT 804.

Concentration Elective: choose one

Classes from the M.S. Information System & Technology Management Program are also acceptable, as well as some graduate level courses from the Department of Computer Science, with prior approval from Dr. White and/or Amy Estey Becker.

ACCT 805: Current Issues in Management Information Systems

Addresses current information technology challenges facing today's corporate management. Although content will constantly change to reflect current technology and emerging issues, topics include: ethics, management of the impact of new information systems on corporate environments, implementation issues, and changing systems in a global environment. Open to business and accounting graduate students only.

ACCT 817: Information Technologies Audit

Analysis of current and prospective developments in professional auditing. Topics include auditing computerized systems and the use of statistical sampling by the auditor. Prerequisite: ACCT 417.

BUAD 884: Special Topics in Marketing

Examines selected current marketing topics: e.g., strategy development, opportunity assessment, modeling and marketing programming. Individual inquiry is stressed. Prerequisite: BUAD 880.

MISY 830: Business Intelligence and Analytics

Considers how to structure and define complex business decision problems; the analytical framework and techniques required to understand the problem; where the data needed for the analysis resides in the organization and the tools and techniques needed to obtain it. Preference given to students in the M.S. in Information Systems and Technology Management program.

MISY 840: Project Management and Costing

Provides the technical knowledge and skills needed to successfully plan, execute and evaluate IT projects. Strong emphasis on the costing of IT projects. Preference given to students in the M.S. in Information Systems and Technology Management program.

MISY 850: Security and Control (fulfills international requirement)

Considers state-of-the-art technological and organizational approaches to enhancing the security and integrity of corporate information resources in a cost-effective manner. Preference given to students in the M.S. in Information Systems and Technology Management program.

MISY 873: Information Technology and Organizational Effectiveness

Examines how information and communication technologies combine with work processes and organizational structures to enhance organizational performance. Develops skills in recognizing opportunities for technology interventions and in effectively implementing technologically enhanced change. Prerequisite: BUAD 870.

MISY or ACCT Independent Study, Internship or related course (3-6 credits; when focused on IT-related topic)

Assigned course numbers and topics vary.

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