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Graduate Assistantships

Full Time – Delaware Residents and Non-Residents Merit-based Graduate Assistantships are available for exceptionally qualified full time applicants. No additional application is required; all full-time students are considered automatically at the time of admission. A Graduate Assistantship is an opportunity to assist faculty in research, teaching and/or outreach activities while earning your degree and to receive compensation (a stipend) and a tuition scholarship in return. Most Assistantships are partial in nature and require students to work 10 hours per week. For the Fall and Spring semesters during which a student serves in an assistantship, the Lerner College will also provide a 50% tuition scholarship. Graduate Assistants receive a stipend of $4,125 per term (Fall: September 1 – January 15; Spring: January 16 – May 31) for a 10 hour Assistantship.  The exact working days are determined by the offering department and are specified in the offer. A full-time student who is a Delaware resident and is offered a Graduate Assistantship will receive that award in addition to the automatic 50% Delaware resident scholarship.  For example, if a Delaware resident was offered a 10 hour 50% Graduate Assistantship, the tuition rate would be adjusted from the usual rate of $13,620/semester to $6,810/semester for being a Delaware resident and then to $3,405/semester for being awarded a 10 hour Graduate Assistantship to reflect the additional 50% scholarship that comes with that position.  

Corporate Associates Program

Full Time – Delaware Residents and Non-Residents The Corporate Associates Program is an elite internship program for full time students that gives top Lerner College graduate students an opportunity to gain valuable on-the-job experience with a corporate sponsor. These positions pay a stipend and include a 50% tuition scholarship.  

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