Note: The MS ODC program is currently not accepting any new applications. All the content here is for current students only. 

The MS in Organizational Development & Change (ODC) program will allow you to develop the necessary skills to be an effective agent of change in business and corporate organizations.  You will learn the theory, methods, techniques, and skills to influence change and develop businesses to maximize effectiveness.  The program is grounded in theory and empirical evidence, focused on critical and analytical thinking, and includes methods for planning and implementing strategies in today's complex, dynamic, and global business environment.

Although there is no single profile of a successful student, the majority of students in this program are expected to be mid-career business professionals. Most students have had some supervisory experience, and are planning for positions in middle and upper management.  Additionally, some students may be preparing for Doctoral level studies in business, management, or organizational behavior/development, or preparing for careers as internal or external organizational consultants.  Students preparing for doctoral work should adopt a research focus with the thesis option.


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