MBA 4+1 Options

What is a 4+1 MBA?

The MBA program offers undergraduate students in certain University of Delaware majors the opportunity to pursue the MBA in conjunction with their undergraduate degrees. These 4+1 programs in engineering, music management, and hotel, restaurant, and institutional management (HRIM), provide students with very strong business management skills to complement their bachelor’s degrees in as little as one additional year. These enhanced business skills may result in accelerated opportunities for growth into management positions as well as a more diverse offering of career choices.

How does it work?

The 4+1 programs in engineering and music allow a select group of students to apply for the MBA in their junior year. If granted “provisional admittance,” the 4+1 student may take graduate-level courses during the final year of his/her undergraduate program and may begin the MBA immediately upon graduation. The MBA is usually completed within 12 months. Because HRIM students have a strong business component in their curriculum, undergraduate business courses taken in the junior and senior years may be combined to “waive” up to 12 credits of core MBA course requirements and thus allow completion of the MBA within one year. The HRIM program also requires a year of work experience in the field, which is why it is referred to as a 4+1+1 program.

MBA 4+1 in Engineering

MBA 4+1 in Music

MBA 4+1+1 in HRIM

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