Pathways Program

Quick Start: Pathways Program
The Pathways Program offers the opportunity for business professionals to take up to three MBA or other UD business graduate degree courses before officially pursuing an MBA degree. This option is a good choice if you have not yet had an opportunity to take the GMAT or if you want to try out some courses to see if a UD business graduate degree is appropriate for you. Applicants must meet all admission requirements for the MBA program EXCEPT submitting a GMAT score.

Pathways Coursework
The courses listed below are the best place for Pathways students to start since they are pre-requisite courses for later MBA classes. As a Pathways student, you can register for either one or two classes. The classes you take will become part of your academic record and will count toward your degree once you are matriculated as a regular MBA student. If you’re not sure how many courses you can handle, sign up for two, then drop one if you need to. Pathways students should focus on getting into the following courses first since they are pre-requisites for later courses:

ACCT 800
BUAD 870
BUAD 820
ECON 503

Multiple sections are offered for most of these classes. Some are offered in Newark, and some at our Wilmington Campus near Tower Hill School.

The full schedules are available here.

There’s a Limit
As a Pathways student, you have a limited number of credits (9) and semesters (2), (which looks like Spring/Summer/Fall OR Fall/Winter/Spring) before you must matriculate into the MBA (or other Lerner College graduate degree) Program.

As you approach one or the other of these limits, wait for your final grade/s to post, then complete the Matriculation Request form and return it, along with a current resume (scanned and attached to an email message addressed to to begin the matriculation process. You will notice that your GMAT scores are required for the form. If you have specifically been given a GMAT Waiver, please indicate that on the form and we will verify it. § Students who have encountered extenuating circumstances while taking Pathways classes or who wish to comment on their GMAT scores may attach a separate statement to their Matriculation Request.

Speaking of the GMAT
To register for the GMAT exam, go to and click through to register for testing session. You won’t be asked to pay until you’ve set up the arrangements. You can see what’s available without securing your seat or paying. You can choose where and when you take the test, so give yourself enough time to prepare. List UD as the recipient of your scores, and note the provisional scores that pop up immediately upon completion. The official scores will come to us within 3 weeks of your test date.

GMAT Waivers
A GMAT waiver MAY be granted if you satisfy ALL of the following criteria:

  • Successful completion (with grades of “A”) of nine credits of prescribed MBA coursework through Pathways
  • Outstanding resume with at least 4 years of professional work experience
  • Prior successful academic work/degrees from accredited institutions in the US or abroad.
  • Completion of all other admission requirements

The request for a GMAT waiver must be made via e-mail to MBA Services 30 days prior to the start of the semester in which you desire admission to the MBA program. For expediency, a completed Matriculation Request form and current resume can be sent along with a GMAT Waiver request.

Here’s What We Need to See
To be considered for matriculation into the MBA or other Graduate Business degree program, we’ll need the following items:

  • A completed Pathways Request for Matriculation Form. (Please wait until your grades post so you can send complete information.)
  • A current resume
  • A GMAT Waiver Request (only if you meet all the requirements listed above!)
  • (Only if necessary) A short note explaining any extenuating circumstances that you’d like noted for consideration.

How Long Will This Take?
Please plan ahead as you approach these limits. You may register for your fourth class while your Matriculation Request is in process. Consider using a Summer or Winter session to schedule the GMAT so that you can continue seamlessly into the MBA or other Graduate program. Depending on the time of year, the process can take 4-6 weeks.

Then What? If all goes well, you’re off and running as a matriculated MBA student! The courses you took as a Pathways student remain on your transcript and you are free to propel yourself forward at whatever speed is appropriate for you.

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